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How do carbohydrates impact your health? – Richard J. Wood

Translator: MiMou Madritista Verified: Muhammad Samir Which of these has the least amount of carbohydrates This piece of bread? Or a bowl of rice? Or a can of soda? It's a trick question Although it may differ in terms of fats, vitamins, and nutrients But in terms of carbohydrates, they are very similar So what does this mean for your diet? First, carbohydrates are the food category of sugars And the molecules that your body breaks down to make sugars Carbohydrates are simple or complex, depending on their structure This simple sugar or monosaccharide Glucose, fructose, and galactose are all simple sugars Connect the two together, and you get a disaccharide Lactose, maltose, or sucrose Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand Make three or more simple sugars bond together Complex carbohydrates consist of three to ten sugar bonds Polysaccharides Those that contain more than ten form a polysaccharide During the digestive process Your body breaks down complex carbohydrates Into monosaccharides Which your cells use for energy, So while eating any food rich in carbohydrates, The blood sugar level, which is usually low, is rising But your digestive system does not handle all carbohydrates the same way For example fiber and starches Both are polysaccharides, And both are extracted from the plant, They are made of hundreds of thousands of monosaccharides linked together But this correlation varies This changes the effect on your body. In carbohydrates, which plants often store as energy in the roots and seeds Glucose molecules are interconnected by alpha bonds Most of them are easily broken down in the digestive system by enzymes But in fibers, the bonds between molecules are beta bonds Which the body cannot dismantle Fibers can prevent starches from cracking And the result of that is what is called resistance to carbohydrates So foods rich in carbohydrates, like crackers and white bread, Easily digested, It quickly releases a large amount of glucose into the blood Just like what happens when you drink something rich in glucose, like soda These foods contain additives rich in sugar An exaggerated amount raises the blood sugar level Soda and white bread have the same sugary additions So they have the same effect on blood sugar However, you eat foods high in fiber such as vegetables, fruits, and all grains Indigestible beta bonds slow the flow of glucose into the blood These foods have low sugary additives Foods like eggs, cheese, and meats have the fewest additives When sugar moves from the digestive system into the bloodstream Your body works to transfer it to your cells Where it is exploited and used to produce energy Insulin, a hormone made in the pancreas It is one of the body's most important tools for processing sugar When you eat, high blood sugar Insulin is excreted into the blood It stimulates the muscles and fat cells to receive glucose Then the sugar starts to be converted into energy Insulin lowers blood sugar to one degree It helps us understand something called insulin sensitivity The higher the blood sugar level, the lower The greater your sensitivity to insulin. Low insulin sensitivity is called insulin resistance. The pancreas continues to send insulin But cells, especially muscle cells, become less responsive The blood sugar level fails to drop And keep the level of insulin in the blood rising Chronic consumption of a large amount of carbohydrates May lead to insulin resistance And many scientists believe that insulin resistance It, in turn, leads to many dangerous conditions called metabolic syndrome And that results in many symptoms Among them is high blood sugar And that raises the waistline And high blood pressure Which increases the risk of serious cases Like heart disease and blood vessels And the second type of diabetes As its spread is rapidly rising all over the world Where 32% of the US population suffers from metabolic syndrome So let's get back to your diet Whether your food is delicious or not, sugar remains sugar Too much carbohydrates can be a problem You might want to give up About eating pasta, sushi, pita burrito, buns and burgers

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