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Does Apple Cider Vinegar help WEIGHT LOSS? PLUS more health benefits!

[Music] hey there lease me here with a sweet pea chef welcome back today I want to talk to you about apple cider vinegar I want to talk about does it deserve all the hype it gets does it cure weight loss and diabetes and cancer and all that kind of stuff boiler alert apple cider vinegar is pretty amazing it has a bunch of scientific research behind it to show that it has a lot of value and we're gonna dive into several of those valuable things that apple cider vinegar can bring to your life if you start to incorporate it so let's get started Oh before I forget make sure you are subscribe to this channel so you don't miss my weekly videos on recipes on clean eating on health and wellness and all sorts of good stuff and make sure to ring that bell so you get notified of my new video releases anytime I release a video all right so what the heck is apple cider vinegar right have you ever wondered what it actually is well it's made from Apple's duh but it's actually something that is made from fermented apple juice so the way that it's made is you have apples and then you crush them and expose that to yeast and then the natural sugars from the apple they start to ferment and that turns into alcohol really similar to how you would have wine be created but then it's actually fermented again and that turns the alcohols into what we now have as apple cider vinegar I know pretty cool right [Music] let's go over the major assumptions about apple cider vinegar and what people say that it does apple cider vinegar helps with digestion it lowers blood sugar levels it improves insulin sensitivity it helps you lose weight it increases your feelings of say shitty meaning feeling full it reduces belly fat it lowers cholesterol it lowers blood pressure it helps with general heart health and it slows the growth of cancer cells okay so those are some really big and powerful health benefits and the truth is is that apple cider vinegar is a really big nutritional powerhouse it does help with all those things I just mentioned and I'm gonna dive into why it does that and how it does it and how you can use it to your benefit [Music] [Applause] many studies have been done on the effects of weight loss by using apple cider vinegar and the results show that it does in fact help reduce weight loss even if all you do is incorporate some apple cider vinegar into your diet with no other dietary changes studies have found that it does have a positive effect on weight loss how does it do it so first off if you drink apple cider vinegar diluted in water it will make you feel full so that allows you to not feel hungry all the time which allows you to not eat which allows you to lower your total calories which is gonna help with weight loss in fact it contains no calories so you can actually have it while fasting so while you're doing like intermittent fasting during your fasting window you would actually be able to have water mixed with some apple cider vinegar have that helped you feel full and then continue your fast which is a really powerful thing for insulin production which we will talk about in a second so speaking of insulin apple cider vinegar is really helpful for reducing your overall blood sugar levels and your blood insulin sensitivities and why that's helpful is because having less insulin being produced and secreted means you're gonna have less fat stored which means less weight gain another health benefit of apple cider vinegar is that it can actually help reduce your blood pressure how does it do this it helps control the hormone Reena which is produced from your kidneys and that is responsible for helping to restrict and constrict your blood vessels so by helping to control that it helps to have normal blood pressure studies have shown that consuming apple cider vinegar helps reduce your bad cholesterol also known as LDL and increases your good cholesterol also known as HDL so studies have shown that actually improves your cholesterol in the good way and decreases it in another good way [Music] regarding digestion apple cider vinegar helps in a number of ways it can help reduce heartburn it can help with bloating and inflammation it can help keep you regular so basically when you consume food you have that food in your stomach and proper digestion requires certain levels of acid to break down that and get all those enzymes going so you can start to absorb your food and then start to pass it so if you don't have the normal acid levels what's gonna happen is that's gonna stop up and you're gonna get bloated you're gonna get heartburn it's gonna be uncomfortable sound familiar so what apple cider vinegar does is it actually helps improve the acid levels in your stomach so that you can actually help with digestion get everything going more smoothly and then move everything along like it's supposed to be some recent research has suggested also that apple cider vinegar has helped to reduce the growth of cancer cells so while it will not replace treatment there is some interesting research out there saying that there's a chance that it could actually reduce some cancer cells if you're gonna be drinking it it's recommended to dilute it in water so you're gonna want to have a full glass of water and add one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into the water you're probably gonna want to start with one tablespoon to get started because it does have a bite to it it is an acid so it's gonna taste strong personally because I like the bite and I've also become very used to it I add two tablespoons into about 20 ounces of water and I have that particularly during my fasting periods you want to be careful when you are having apple cider vinegar all the time I suggest using a straw to drink through because it can have an effect on your enamel on your teeth so you don't want to be breaking that down by just putting acid on it all the time consider how would be if you just drank straight lemon juice all day right another way to add more apple cider vinegar into your diet is to use it in salad dressings and just kind of add it to your foods it works great as an ingredient in fact I have a salad dressings video that has a few recipes in there that has some apple cider vinegar in them that are really tasty it's just really easy to turn it into a vinaigrette because it's your acid so you just use it as your vinegar in a vinaigrette and it's really tasty and has a lot of health benefits for ya you could also turn your apple cider vinegar into a tonic and have it with a few extra flavors so you could have your glass of water you could mix it in a little bit of apple cider vinegar add in your lemon juice heck you can even add in a little shot of cayenne pepper for a little spice which also has some weight loss properties to it you could add in a little bit of ground cinnamon or some ginger and kind of add in whatever flavors work for you all of those have really great health benefits and kind of add to the flavor of the tonic if you find that you just need to add a little bit of sweetness I would recommend adding in some raw honey and stirring that together definitely that's not gonna work if you're fasting but if you're not and you're just wanting to incorporate more apple cider vinegar into your diet that is a good way and it goes delicious in that tonic that I was just explaining also you can have apple cider vinegar either hot or cold so if you would rather go and keep this up and have it all in like a nice cozy mug that works as well or if you want to have it chilled either way you're gonna get the same health benefit so research has shown that about fifteen to thirty milliliters per day of apple cider vinegar has the best benefit so that means just one to two tablespoons a day is really what you should be having and that's a mixture of anyway you have it so if you want it in a drink or a salad dressing all of that counts as the total so keep that in mind as you're adding in apple cider vinegar it doesn't have to be much and definitely a maintain moderation you don't want to have a ton of it that's not going to help you any more than just having one to two tablespoons a day so my advice would be if you're just getting started start with one tablespoon a day and see how you feel with that see how it tastes to you you can even break that up over the course of the day the reason why we don't want to have too much apple cider vinegar is that there could be potential health hazards if you'd over consume it or for other people that shouldn't have it entirely and like I mentioned before it does have an impact on your tooth enamel so you don't want to be having a ton of it also if you have a stomach ulcer or a kidney problem if you're definitely going to want to talk with your doctor before adding any apple cider vinegar because it is an acid and it can cause some irritation for you and also when you have it keep in mind that a little goes a long way and it is not a miracle cure it's gonna help promote positive health in multiple areas of your well-being and your health but it doesn't mean it's gonna cure everything and the more you have it the better you're gonna be you always want to balance things like this with a healthy diet and definitely some exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle rather than trying to go to one specific thing to have that cure everything this is just one small part of how to have overall well-being so where are you at on the apple cider vinegar debate do you love it do you hate it do you have it religiously every day share in the comments below maybe add in any recipes that you love to have your apple cider vinegar with and make sure to give this video a thumbs up to let me know that you enjoyed it and you want me to make more videos just like this thanks so much for watching I'll see you in the next video bye bye

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