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A dietitian gets real about the benefits of apple cider vinegar | You Versus Food

Noooooooo Yuck! hi I'm Tracy Lockwood Beckerman a
registered dietitian in New York City and it is my job to help you figure out
what to eat and why. Let's tackle apple cider vinegar. Is it everything it's
chalked up to be? Let's find out today in this episode of You Versus Food. We are
taking it to the next level with apple cider vinegar today! Apple cider vinegar
is made from sugar yeast and apples the by-product acetic acid is formed when
apple juice gets fermented into hard apple cider. It's raw unpasteurized
unfiltered hashtag no filter and unheaded Like all vinegars apple cider
vinegar is rich in antioxidants. specifically coming from the apples
conserved during the fermentation process and ACV is fermented which means
it's rich in probiotics namely lactobacillus and oennocaucus. And we
know that probiotics can help support a healthy digestive system. You want the
truth about apple cider vinegar you can't handle the truth about apple cider
vinegar There are a lot of claims around ACV as being a holy grail in preventing
everything but there's not much research or science to support these radical
claims. Does it help with cholesterol? In a prospective randomized clinical
control trial taking apple cider vinegar for two months had no impact on HDL and
there was no evidence that taking apple cider vinegar showed any improvement on
triglycerides LDL or total cholesterol so should you take it to improve your
cholesterol? Probably not. But can it help rev up your metabolism and help you
detox? Although it's been said that apple cider vinegar can rev up your metabolism The effects of apple cider vinegar on your metabolism have yet to
be conclusively studied. As for detoxing your body does a really good job of
detoxing on its own. That's what our liver intestines and kidneys are for. So
if you do want to detox I would drink plenty of water eat more vegetables —
particularly kale spinach and broccoli which all have been proven to help
remove those toxins from your body. But does it help with weight loss? The most
cited study was done on overweight Japanese subjects and investigated the
role that apple cider vinegar played in reducing body fat mass. The results were
pretty insignificant and we later found out that the research was supported and
funded by the company that sells the vinegar. There's no rigorous science to
back the claim that apple cider vinegar revved up the metabolism enough to
support weight loss. But I'll say this: by swapping out sugary unhealthy dressings
and swapping in apple cider vinegar it may result in indirect weight loss. How
about them apples? Not necessarily. One of the nice things about apple cider
vinegar is that it's a natural super low-calorie way to add flavor to your
food. One tablespoon has only three calories and can be added to dressings
sauces or marinades. Plus it's natural and we all love natural food.Of course
there's its probiotic power however full disclosure: the amount of probiotics that
you're getting in a couple of tablespoons a day isn't drastic enough
to show any major health improvements If you are taking apple cider vinegar and
it's doing good things for your digestion — great! Keep it up. but if you
are looking for more probiotic rich foods to help improve your gut health
aim for Greek yogurt kombucha or kimchi all so hot right now if you are considering taking apple cider vinegar I would max out at two
tablespoons a day because apple cider vinegar is very acidic. I know what
you're thinking can I take a shot of apple cider vinegar? And you can if you
like the taste but be kind to your esophagus — dilute it with water. And look
out for your stomach — please eat some food with it too. This is weird and this
is better When shopping for apple cider vinegar look for the raw unpasteurized
ACV with the mother Mom is that you? The mother is the cloudy strand-like
segments at the bottom that contain the probiotics Mother mother mother not
mother Pasteurization actually destroys the mother which removes the probiotics so
look for the raw stuff or else your apple cider vinegar will not be mom
goals As a low-cal way to pack in flavor and a small source of probiotics: sure. As
the magical cure-all for diabetes cholesterol and weight loss? Not so much.
Although I know we all wish for that one tablespoon a day Holy Grail that will
improve our health unfortunately the science isn't quite
there yet for apple cider vinegar I'm Tracy Lockwood Beckerman and we'll see
you again on the next episode of you vs. food. You like what you see? Subscribe to
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