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$500 vs $16 Steak Dinner: Pro Chef u0026 Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

whoever is going to eat this congratulations I know I'm gonna eat it congratulations hi I'm Frank I'm a professional chef and this is a 500 steak dinner hi I'm Lorenzo I'm a home cook and this is gonna be a 16 dollar state dinner I read this is just somebody went out in the forest and went nuts this is it is Franks and I have to tell you first off poor handwriting French so for my meal I was planning on a more high-end restaurant feel to it I had a butter based ribeye steak holy smokes look at that I don't think I've even ordered that before I had fondant potatoes bond up but what does that mean with caviar and creme fraiche huh Oh caviar yeah some Bordelaise sauce with black truffles what is this board Lee lace what what is the board what is that and some broccolini with wild mushrooms and this is something I wore it problem ha ha ha what that buns you guys I feel slightly evil it's like we broke into a five-star mr. clean restaurant and I just grabbed everything I possibly could and said let's have some fun with Lorenzo's recipe I have a little more simpler ingredients and maybe something that a little more commonplace in your kitchen flank steak coca-cola low-sodium soy sauce garlic ginger broccoli some chili flake russet potatoes scallions sour cream and cheddar so these ingredients might be a little simpler but I think that I can elevate them and make them a little better if I had a guess this would probably cost about 25 to 30 dollars Oh 16 really that's cheaper than I thought it's a little intimidating because it's really fancy schmancy but Chauncey I mean it's a few hundred bucks that I don't have the found out potatoes I plan to make sound really fancy and I hope Lorenzo doesn't get scared off by that why why salt pepper butter potatoes simple what's wrong with you like how I'm looking at race recipe it's actually just ingredients it doesn't tell me step by step stuff I'm like I think I'm just looking for so some and it's kind of just that next step up from just roasting potatoes in a pan I'm a little clueless on a couple of things is there's a chance I could maybe ask somebody for a little help rosemary how am i I'm panicking a little bit actually I I feel like I'm on an island and I just drew help in the sand can you bond on potatoes thank you so much rosemary I appreciate take care it just sounds more complicated but it's potatoes you know I can do it oh lord have mercy okay so I've got all my lovely russet potatoes pretty much like little stools and unless you're both sides originally Lorenzo planned for this to be a regular baked potato so we're gonna do is twice baked potatoes a little more fat a little more flavor just a little more deliciousness okay baked potato butter is great twice baked potato with cream cheese and cheddar is even better alright so I have the guy I'm just gonna crush it I have the ingredients and I know just doesn't tell me how to put it together that's the first thing we're gonna do is I'm gonna bake it I'm gonna poke a few holes in it just to let steam escape so my skin doesn't rupture I'm gonna wrap it in foil so my big crisp potato about 350 45 minutes between now I already hear rosemary say that's not long enough it has to be darker and you didn't see it long enough and this is gigantasaurus songs what the heck so this potato was baked for about 50 minutes when you squeeze you can see there's a little bit of give so we're gonna do is we're gonna take the potato slice it in half and very carefully with not trying to break the skin I'm going to take the center put of the potato out I want to leave a little bit of a wall there so it's not just skin just so that it holds together and I'm just gonna kind of like mash this up a little just so I don't have any big chunks yeah see I should have turn it up all the way that's more like it oh there you go hello that is alright rosemary would be happy with that okay okay okie dokie said okay I'm gonna add all my flavorings to this a little bit of sour cream well maybe not a little bit maybe a lot so and pepper definitely we're gonna grate a little cheese I got some nice cheddar here don't be skimpy with the cheese it's gonna add some richness a little bit of sharpness to this I'm gonna use scallions as a flavoring for this this is one of those ingredients that people will do this they'll cut the root end off they'll either use all the white and throw away the green or use all the green and throw away the white I use the whole thing all of its good and we're gonna mix it really well always taste your food delicious at this point you can probably just scoop it in with a spoon I'm gonna use a pastry bag okay it gives me a little more direction I can make it exactly the way I want it it doesn't look like you didn't care and just kind of flopped it on there the pastry bag gives a little more of an elegant feel to it so at this point I'm gonna put them in the oven and we're gonna let the top you a little Brown that I'm warm through and then we'll garnish later I need to turn this down cuz I don't want to burn my butter they'd not sure how much butter is in here but I would imagine yeah of course you add the butter I'm guessing that's one tablespoon two tablespoons three tablespoons for oh I'm going for it it's like it's like a stick of butter I think let's set that go oh let me put my students yeah well that's happening potatoes and butter you rosemary house we are moving on to the sauce that I have no idea how to pronounce Bordelaise sauce thank you Frank in Lorenzo's recipe he marinates the steak in the coke in the soy sauce I'm not gonna do that so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the marinade stuff and make a glaze out of it so if you want to dip into it later you can dip into it if you want to just taste a nice piece of meat taste a nice piece of meat hopefully no one shook this up so in places that I've seen coca-cola used in marinades and baking it usually comes from the fact that there was sugar rationing during World War two so I'm gonna cook this down basically just dumping everything to the pot and letting it reduce down and I'm gonna look for this right now the bubbles gonna be really small and kind of fluttery and then once this starts to get a little thicker you're gonna see bigger bubbles that take a little longer to burst you want to just reduce it until it starts to thicken rather than till it's dry if it gets dry it's gonna burn all right now I'm gonna do the red wine reduction so I need to reduce this about a cup Frank says let's back up a little bit more than a cup I'm going to add my shallots of the fresh thyme and I want to Bailey easy-peasy so far so good Oh No just get it let's put a couple of these in we can oh so that looks like a very rich sauce the colors fantastic not quite sure how thick it's supposed to do be earth what did she say can I ask you one more thing if you have time okay sauce I have sauce and he wants me to make I'm tell you what Frank is not getting the Christmas card this year I'm telling it's calls for one cup of wine how much do I reduce that oh okay if not worse come worst-case-scenario just drink the wine when i'm done that does the test she wanted me to do the old back of a speed test and if it leaves a nice clean line I know my sauce is thick enough till Dakota the spoon thanks rosemary turn this off and all I have to do now is shave some black truffle oh wow never had one of these days in my presence it's very it's earthy with truffles for the most part their best when they're freshly sliced on top of things to do oh the whole thing Wow there's truffle products that have kind of those truffle flavorings in them but when you get a fresh truffle it should be sliced at the table in front of your guests it's not just for the flavor it's for the show as well it tastes expensive all right guys Bordelaise sauce with black truffles the next step is to do our steak this steak is enormous I mean you guys now with the ribeye that I plan the high-end ribeye I had planned on sauteing it in a cast-iron pan the way I'm gonna cook this flank steak is similar to the ribeye I really just want to get a nice kind of caramelized coating on it so I'm gonna season the steak first a fair amount of salt and black pepper with the salt we go fairly heavy liberally liberally liberally so I need this hot like super hot you guys this is the nicest skillet I've ever seen in my life I like this Christmas presents please the key to this is that you don't want the oil to splash on you so I'm just gonna drop it in the pan away for me here we go guys I don't know let it stay there leave it alone let it go there's gonna take a few minutes sending smoke signals dinner's almost ready people come and get it I'm gonna flip it away from me swirl around so I have a nice amount of fat if you look at the state it has a beautiful crust on it now it's gonna add a ton of flavor to the steak that's going to add some texture as well you can get a little crunchy bits let's just throw these in we've smashed it what I'm gonna do the check temperatures I'm not necessarily gonna use it a thermometer if I push on this piece of meat and it gives me some spring back that means that it's cooking if I push on this piece of meat and it leaves a dent that means it's pretty much raw in the center but this I know is still pretty rare here and here it's kind of cooking up guys I think I'm teary-eyed a little bit it's so beautiful Lorenzo's issue is gonna be that's a really thick cut of steak and usually with those fine getting the right temperature is a little more of guesswork so Lorenzo might want to use a thermometer for that medium-rare buddy fix so I'm gonna let this steak rest for about 10 minutes I really want to dig in and eat this right now but you need to let it rest if I slice it now all the juice is gonna flow out be patient it'll be worth it let's move on to the broccolini the expensive version I was gonna use broccolini we have a rich steak a really rich potato dish and the broccolini is gonna have just a little bit of bitterness to cut that broccolini tastes really great by itself needs a little salt pepper maybe a little garlic but every day broccoli is delicious if you treat it right so normally people take the broccoli cut the head off and everything else gets thrown in the garbage what I'd like to do is I save the snaps so if you're gonna serve the stems you have to peel them because otherwise it's a little on the tough side and it sometimes needs a little help so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get some garlic and a little bit of ginger a lot of times people will boil broccoli and both broccoli I mean there's nothing worse than that right it smells bad tastes bad it gets too soft I like to roast broccoli it's a little bit more depth of flavor to it and I'm gonna use some lorenzo's ingredients here to make that just a little bit better a little bit of chili flake just to let him know it was there I'm gonna use a little bit of soy sauce and we use a little bit of salt both of them have salt in them but salt kind of gives a pure plain flavor we're soy sauce kind of gives a richness I'm gonna throw this into an oven about 350 for about 15 minutes you'll see the broccoli starts to break down it'll start to get a little bit of a carmelization or charring on top and that's what I want I want to take it out of the oven when it's just a little bit crispy I'm actually going to take it out stopping the cooking process by submerging them into ice water next mushrooms I just have to start seeing what these are these are great the renzo should make sure that he gets those mushrooms nice and caramelized any mushrooms that kind of go in a pan and they just kind of sit there and boil not good the texture is not really really great you want those mushrooms to be just slightly crispy when you put them on the plate these are very thin delicate mushrooms so I think it's okay to add whatever I need to have to finish this off my broccolini let's get to me let's try it Wow this is lovely lovely lovely jubbly I'll have to say Wow my wrist it's so happy the most important thing for this piece of steak is to cut against the grain that's because if you cut it with the grain it's just gonna be super chewy it looks so good does it look good when I play to get dish I'm usually looking for a little textural difference a little height difference just to make it interesting if you just throw everything on a plate flat it's kind of boring so I'm gonna kind of just prop things up a little do a little chef's wizardry I try and make it just look a little bit nicer than what kind of grandma want to put on the plate Oh broccolini has shaved fresh parmesan so we have our beautiful steak propped up on our broccoli stems I got a little bit of that soy and coca-cola glaze and that's my take on mr. Lorenzo's dish there's a little piece left on my board that's the chef's secret we eat all the ends we make staff meal out of it sometime but that's my snack okay say so myself steak it is an honor and a pleasure oh that is my potato oh it's a twice yeah so you know we took a little chef's poetic license yes right we made like a little glaze with the coke and the soy sauce very good broccoli we roasted with some ginger and soy and then we did a twice baked potato so I'm gonna give it a taste with this sauce and a little bit of mushroom on there okay I don't even know what kind of mushroom that is I think it's delicious your seasoning is wonderful oh thank you oh man great really sauce is on point I never had a sauce like this before it's one of those classic French sauces you know you would think it'd be too rich but it actually is a good foil it looks like it would be so so mixed cuz the color look at a color break it's different that is good let's taste yours now okay let us get a little bit of this and I'm nervous tuning hahaha hi heart's video what is the reduction is this this is the soy sauce coca-cola ginger garlic a steak mama my mama made the ginger and soy sauce they're so nice together and we roasted the broccoli with the ginger and the garlic and a little bit of chili flake baked in there but baked in the oven yet oh my god and it's a different texture because you do it in the oven nice I'm glad yeah yeah yeah break oh my gosh you did it's yummy this sauce is really delicious it really complements you know what's taste a little smoky believe it or not you know I was I was a little nervous about coca-cola so comfy clear and now like I might I'm gonna add that to my yeah of toolbelt you know you don't think of coca-cola as ingredient that you use in in really good cooking but that's delicious thanks [Applause] oh that was fun that was really fun and delicious eat up you guys

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